Homemade is Always Best!

Homemade gifts are the best.
Joe came to me part of the way thru December with drawings of each of our families.
Precious and perfect (all out of order and all, love it).
We looked up family in the back of his bible and he chose his favorite verse.
We framed one for Grandma and Shannon, they loved them.
Shannon even opened hers and had him add the date, I appreciated her showing him
how much she loved it!

And he worked VERY hard on his wrapping paper for DH and my gift from school, yep I saved it in this tote!  He made us each a calendar.  I think he *might* have LOVED dad's a little more.
He explained every single detail to him about the paper and the calendar!  So sweet.

The awesome calendars!

And we received a shipment from our besties in WA state, fresh seafood for Christmas, what a blessing.

We made trays at work for the doctor's offices we work with most often.
Each employee made something and we put the trays together - Allison's idea and it was  a big hit!!!

 From our favorite, and very important (almost family member) our cleaning lady Rose.
She is VERY important to our family!!  Seriously, though, I look forward
to every other Wednesday like a breath of fresh air!!!!

And Joe's homemade family for us this year.

Precious, with a couple misspellings, wasn't worth correcting them.

George and Linda have wings and halos.  Insert happy tears, he enjoys hearing about them.
Proud of Joe, that's ok I think - he has such a giving heart.  

Wrapping his gifts

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