Cookie Day 2016

Blogging has taken a backseat for a few weeks because life has been in full swing AND
iphone and blogger play well together!  I finally moved some pics from my phone to and external drive an now to the blog. Why?  Just last night on Snow Day #1, Joe's pastime of choice - getting out every blog book - not the shutterfly photos albums, he likes those, but he LOVES
the blog books - and that is my why...boys are getting older and smile less
for the camera, but I love our life and our full schedule and I want to remember what filled our days...

Annual Cookie Day at Aunt Polly's house
hosted this year by Aunt Cindy.
Sam had a baskeball tourney so we made it later in afternoon but had 
fun with Ella and Ryder and I got in a great visit with my Aunt Cindy!

This is one of the best traditions, there are few rules...kids love that.
And I learned something this year - as bad as it looks, I was able to help
clean up and it really cleaned up pretty quick!  So be free young children and create your best cookie!

And we brought home a tray, after Sam's last game
he had to have one.
All I wanted was a picture to send Aunt Polly as a thank you
and this, he just wanted to eat one.
Too funny, Silly memories.

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