Crafty Ladies!

Morgan tagged me in a opportunity on Facebook to 
do a 3 hour class and redo a piece of furniture.  
This guy immediately came to mind.
It was my mama's and I've always loved it.
She used it as a night stand in her bedroom and refinished in in 1980 something
complete with floral/brass handles.

 It was serving a a side table in the basement, but needed a new life.

The official before.  I was as excited about spending 3 hours with Morgan as I was about doing the piece.  Some thought I should not paint this antique, but I knew my mom would be on board - so I went for it!

Morgan chose a cute side table from her mama's shed.  It will be perfect in her new home.

This is the inside of my chest, it was red in a previous life.

Very hard to take pics while creating, after sanding washing and coat one.

It was gorgeous on Saturday so we took our pieces out to dry
and get some sunshine ourselves.
There were about 10 of us there, each brought their own creation.
It was SO worth it.  To start and complete and project AND leave the mess behind, perfection.

We had to concentrate on the sanding part!

And this stuff was awesome, had not worked with it before.
It will be added to my collection as a great finish,

With our finished pieces!  We both used chalk paint and distressed with the electric sander,
pleased as punch with my new Hoosiers/St. Louis Cards table for the basement!
DH informed me it is the wrong color red for either, not sure
it is cream and crimson, remember!

Now to choose some handles...