Christmas 2016 - Many memories.

Christmas morning on Dec 23.
I am usually very traditional, but a trip to FL meant we celebrate early at home.
The boys were out of school and I was off work so DH stayed home from the farm
for a bit early on Dec 23 and we had our family Christmas.

This is my favorite picture.
It's were we are right now, preteens.
Pop, candy, cool gloves (maybe they will wear them then).
Stockings are my favorite, I have fond memories of great stockings growing up.

A surprise gift - new golf clubs.
He has expressed a lot of interest and has already used them several times.

A new baseball glove for our baller. He is still using Sam's first mitt.
He was pumped.

Look at these sweet boys, how blessed are we?

Opening their special gifts from Isa and Kai

He asked for a wooden bat, we found him and inexpensive one!


DH hooked up their PS4 in the van for the drive to FL, they sat in the garage and played it for awhile,
too funny

Our champ had his 568 piece lego set together in about 45 minutes.  2nd set of the day, loves them
but prefers sets over free building with legos.

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