Winter Happenings.

January seems to whiz by with cold days, school, busy month at work, ballgames...but we make to most of each of those moments!
Jan 1 we were snuggled back at home and this was coming down later in the day,
but Sam snuggled with me that morning enjoying the last of Christmas lights.

I've been adhering to a Whole 30 (clean eating) plan since Jan 2, 
it was a snap in the beginning because we had fresh veges and fruit from FL...
the last few days have been a struggle. Lettuce boats are a lunch staple for me!

Boys spent the night with Blake, she missed them over break!
They had game night with Mo and E.
I love this picture, a treasure for sure.

Sam sent this selfie to my friend Melissa who was teasing him about Purdue.  We have about 5-10 minutes of Sam and mom time in the pick up line while we are waiting on Joe.  Lots of good talks - when it is Sam's idea (of course).

We snuck in a couple snow days from school.

Kitties were glued to back window but wouldn't come in!

There was time to create with the snow on the ground.
Joe made a chainsaw with his Knex kit from Scott and Chris,

I also got one snow day at home with my boys - love that pharmacy never closes but my partner made it in and boys were home from school.  They asked me to join them for video games.

Games were off for Saturday, but a tourney was back on Sunday.
We played well - many teams cancelled so we just played games and won all.
I dabbled in this stash again...August is around the corner.
There was a time for game night!

And a full mouth of whip.

Sam finished a Smart Choice class at school, he had some great questions,
hope he always brings those to me.

Joe wrote a story at He and Sam.  Sweet.

I took the time to order a couple blog books, getting closer to have my collection caught up.
Reminded why I blog, these books get some attention from our family for sure!!

We started a project in Sam's room, new shelves!
And time for a science project!

A reward day for Sam's school - I might have stolen this from twitter account!!

And my trusty BU mug from 2000 is still my go to for large coffee days.
Friend Sonya got it for me for our graduation.