Grabers in Pinecraft || Beach Day

We enjoyed breakfast at Yoders and Joe loved it -
we quickly coined him Joe Yoder -and that became Joder, We've been
calling him that since.  He loves nicknames.  

The weather was perfect for a beach day {as long as we left the house by 9:30}, 
it was crazy busy all week long.  I guess everyone else realized it was great beach weather, too - ha!

We brought a little Pinecraft with us to the beach.  

Warm sun and calm seas. Perfect for a little ball.

They LOVED this small inlet of water and played it over and over.

We met back up with the guys in the afternoon, we all took bike rides this week!

We cleaned up and headed out for family pics on the pier.  

Love this picture!
We were invited to Dan's Aunt Joyce and Vernon's house for dinner.
We had a great evening, kids played Uno so well, enjoyed our visit with them a lot!

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