More gym time.

More gym time.
It's no secret that I love it.
Watching my kiddos in their favorite activities, whatever they are makes me a happy mama.
Sunday afternoon basketball tournament - playing a 6th grade Bedford travel team at JBA.

We didn't win - tough loss - great experience though.

And a regular season game against North Knox, we won this one.

 A huge surprise at this game for big Joe, his best friend Tye was there.  Tye moved schools (near this one) and he came to watch cousin Leighton play ball.  Joe was watching the game beside me and he shot up out of his seat and took off running across the gym when he saw Tye -wish I had been fast enough to get the hug!  Tye is having a tough time at his new school and it breaks Joe's heart because he loves him some Tye!  

And Joe's last year of Wizards, a program that teaches fundamentals to the littles.
When they perform at the high school game, it is set to music
and it so stinking cute - and good.  These boys develop skills.

Joe is in the very center of the court.

Joe, Brody, Declan and Evan, buddies!

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