Walker Christmas 2016

We had Christmas at Will and Jill's since we were leaving early the next day - love this family.

Jill made a sweet birthday cake for Sam, he was excited to blow out his candles.

This was dad's view of the sweet birthday boy - 11!

And cousin Blake's view - look at J - too school for cool.

We had a yummy meal pork loin, ribs, taco salad, mashed potatoes, noodles, rice, weines, cheese and chips and desserts including an ice cream bar.  We were FULL.

 Hulk Buster Legos from his list!

 Golden state hat and shirt for his birthday and Christmas, he loved them
And a new blanket from Blake and Noah, he has been attached to this!

And then we played an adult game that made us laugh and cringe and everything else...
oh my word. Well, it was something!  Love these peeps!