December days.

I found ornaments for each boy at the mall this year.
They love this tradition that my mom started years ago, they like my ornaments
as much as theirs!

 Joe's ornament was, of course, BOMBERS!
He loved it!

And Sam's was a bit tougher - this year was full of basketball, but we've done that in years past so...
Video Game Design was a big conversation piece for him all year long,
so that became our ornament for this year!

I am doing Friday Forecasters, a radio show on our local radio station.  Basketball games are big in Southern Indiana - they even have their own pregame radio slots with a lot of listeners.
I represent WB, talking each week about WB products and predicting the weekend's game winners.
 I am currently in 2nd place with my (ahem, so help from DH) picks!

And you bet I am proud of our hometown school, once a Lion always a Lion.
Love our school and our teachers, love that their "state" grade reflects what we see everyday - A!

I got Sam's birthday presents wrapped and VERY separate from the Christmas presents.
This is important at our house, probably more important to me that to Sam.
He seems to take it all in stride.

DH has began cutting the boys hair for them - the boys don't love it, but he does a great job
and even cleans up.  Since they don't love it DH made a deal with them to pay them $5 if he cuts it instead of $12 to get it done.  Insert crying eyes emoji - this is mainly done on my days that I work,
but I caught the evidence one night.  I appreciate DH and his quirky ways - this is one of them.

And see my boy with his fresh hair cut for Christmas, looks great!

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