Weekend Tournaments!

We are gearing up for a weekend tournament for Sam this weekend again,
but rewind back to Dec - we had a great weekend with both boys playing.  This was a regular season game on Saturday morning, 5th grade won against Holy Trinity from Jasper.

And Joe's 3rd grade team played, too.  They have improved so much this year and came away with another win this weekend!

Joe played really tough and scored several baskets!

Loyal fans from the bleachers!

Sam could not stay away from Noah, he was the gym monitor for the tournament.
He just kept going over and bugging him.

I had to leave to take Sam to another game, Blake sent me these great shots.
I love them.  My little baller.  They haven't played or practiced for a couple weeks now (over break and then a snow storm) and he has been asking about getting back in the gym.

We lost this game again the Bedford Bulls, but they tried to the end.

Sam and his buddies at Varsity game that night.