Grabers in Pinecraft || Shark Tooth Hunters

 By Thursday, the weather was forcasted to be cloudy in the afternoon so we took advantage of the calm morning and headed south to Venice Beach in search of Shark's teeth.  We researched low tide - 7:30am and we arrived right on schedule to get some of the best shark's teeth Venice Beach had to offer.
We found 2.  We think.

But, I love new beaches - we tried out 3 this trip so that was a big score in my opinion!
And what a beautiful sunrise, those moments are a treasure.
This beach was full of sand that was more black in nature and I had read all about why Venice had more sharks teeth...calm seas, sharks came here to die,etc - the key word is HAD.  Shannon and I went on a trek down the shore thinking we would find a spot with a lot of shark's teeth - we did not but we found a local who told us why - a man made levy and tons of new sand pumped onto shore to save the beach from erosion.  So, we would find some shark's teeth - if we dug down several hundred feet! 

This was before we knew we would not find many.  It was time well spent.

 There was time for sandcastles
 And I can check Yoga on the beach off my bucket list - Shannon and I joined this LARGE group (so we could blend in, LOL) of yogites.  I think we did great.  And I understand the point of yoga pants now, my bathing suit skirt (all I had along) was not quite right for some of the required moves.
We giggled a lot quietly, we did not want to offend the more serious ones in practice!

As we left for the day, many had come to set up for their day.
This beach was not quite a pretty (sand), but was much less crowded and very quaint!

 Venice had a nice area of artsy shops I'd love to explore someday, these trees had my heart!
 We found a must visit again restaurant for the afternoon.  It had a great atmosphere!

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