Grabers in Pinecraft || Around Sarasota

 We spent a chilly Friday exploring Sarasota - 
we found a batting cage AND driving range all in one.
I enjoyed visiting with the owner's mom and bit who was a snowbird down from Canada.
We shared places to visit and the owner was pretty lax with the boys using the batting cage.
Ahem, all the boys.

Sam was interested in the huge collection of golf balls for sale inside.  He chose his favorite dozen.

And finding the Lamborghini place was on our Sarasota bucket list.
We were able to get a few pics with Sam's favorite car ever!
We rolled up in our mom van and no one even came out to see if we needed help, SMH>

 Sam holding his hands after my strict instruction not to touch.
 First time ever that a parking lot has felt like a china shop!

 And we found a local tourist shop to find a souvenir!

My boys humored my request for my one last view of the beach, it had turned cold and windy
and we were headed out the next morning.
A little walk on the beach didn't disappoint.
 We were on the road by 4 the next morning and had a great trip home with Grandma and Grandpa!
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