Grabers in Pinecraft || Christmas Day Parade

The Christmas Day Pinecraft Parade did not disappoint.
We walked just around the corner to find our spot on the route.
We saw a lot of familiar Indiana faces and a lot more Amish folks, too.
I think everyone in Pinecraft came out for the parade.

The parade was over 45 minutes long and had floats like this one full of a family from Ohio.

And this concrete company

 Mr Trump made the parade
 And Amish on segways - I'm telling you - this parade was one for the books!
 Pioneer Trails is a busline that brings Amish down to FL - they had 8 buses parked in Pinecraft the week we were there- they converted this golf cart for the parade, sooo cool.
 This gutter company's idea was awesome.

Oh, yeah, and there were semis

 This parade had tons of Candy and restaurant coupons and oranges and ice cream!! 

We spent the afternoon riding bikes - we found Graber and Gardenia (the street we stayed on)

Our main form of transportation - except when we were beaching it!

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