Grabers in Pinecraft || Siesta Key

We headed to play at the beach early on Wednesday - arriving at 9:30 am we secured a great parking spot - any later and you are taking a big chance!
Tyson and Joe were big buddies this trip. 
DH, Sam, Darrin and Grandpa went on a deep sea fishing trip all day with Donnie's cousins
and caught grouper (there were others but I don't remember) - and that's all I have.
No pictures.  Not even a single one of a great catch. But, they had fun, and had fish tales.

We dug a couch for them to sit in...

that turned into a hot tub....

There were people everywhere, seriously.
Siesta is voted a top beach in the nation, so I assume that contributed to the crowds.

Kids scored a snow cone this trip, a big treat and they ate every last bite!

From the snack deck overlooking the beach - what a view.