A Little Taste of Pinecraft

Pinecraft has a feeling all of it's own.  Here is a glimpse of it's simple charm.
Kids were the perfect age this trip, enjoyed riding bikes and walking the neighborhood when we were around home this trip!

Gathered for a Thursday auction, because most are snowbirds or here on vacation...
snapped a picture as  I rode by on a bike.

Bikes have recently been approved in our Amish district near home, but have always been allowed in Pinecraft and are VERY plentiful.

Yoder's had a treasure hunt for the kids, we made a stop at each business to get a stamp 

And choosing a favorite prize...

The favorite ice cream shop- Big Olaf - the kids had the Big Olaf a couple of times this week.  I did not make it to the Creamery, boo.
They did good crossing the big road on their wheels!
Anywhere there was a gathering, bikes were present.
My souvenir ornament - bag was super cute!

There is a lot of front porch sitting in Pinecraft, and the old fashioned stop by for a visit is very welcome here.  Dan and Sam had just gotten back from golfing and are having...Big Olaf, LOL.

Plenty of time for kidding or haggling over the favorite bike.

And many bike rides with my boys

It was dark pretty early, so evenings are for games and teaching the next generation the best card game of all...


Our last full day there we had to make room for the Der Dutchman for breakfast,
it did not disappoint - it is popular for all, was lined out the door when we left.

And there was this, I hung laundry on the line for *possibly* the first time in my adult life.  
I grew up doing this, but haven't had a line since!  I still remembered!