Grabers In Pinecraft ||Day South

We woke up at 3 am and headed south to meet the rest of the Graber Family in Sarasota.
The first part of our trip was spent in the dark with 2 boys sleeping off the after effects of a day full of Christmas.

I only took a few photos this Christmas Eve, likely a record low for me...ha!

Joe with his new boogie board - an inexpensive and electronic notepad, he played it a long while.

We drove all the way to Chattanooga TN before we stopped the first time, super trooper travelers this trip.  And mama drove thru Atlanta, GA, while DH snoozed and the boys asked me about every single building they saw - usually, I can look with them - not this time - eyes on the road,
But, I was super proud that we made in on thru and and hour south before DH woke up...he was pretty pumped he had missed it, ha.

We found the FL line and made an unscheduled stop for fresh OJ at the rest stop and the rest stop
was CLOSED for Christmas Eve, oy.

Joe looks slap happy and Sam is avoiding the camera.  DH is back in the driver seat!

We made it the FL around 6 and enjoyed some supper and he kids began playing...
apparently Joe was hot, they were playing flashlight tag.
Quite a temperature change for one day!

Early morning  December 25 - Sam was excited for one special present from presents we brought to FL...the one in the green bag from Miss Isa!

Discussing the Minecraft Legos inside.  He couldn't wait to assemble it!

Our big 11 year old, he was in for a day full of fun...and all about his birthday!

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