January 5 || Snow Day.

 Thurs, Jan 5 began with blustery white snow that had fallen during the night.
It was mostly icy underneath and it was unseasonably cold.
Most of our snow comes when it is around 30 so it is perfect for playing- and then melting.
I worked until 2 and then came home to my snow family.
Boys and I bundled up to move around in the snow, there was not much.
It had already melted off our concrete, roadways weren't so lucky.

This guy ate tons of snow, tons of it.  Joe and I kept asking him to get up and play.

And then we built shelters to hide from dad when we came back from the farm.

It was too cold to wait and hide from dad, so we settled for showing him our forts.
Boys warmed up with homemade hot chocolate from Pastor Ed.  It was perfect.

The next morning I was up enjoying
our winter mantle and my new coffee cup from Blake when we got the snow day call
for Friday.  A full snow day with my boys!

The house quickly became this.

They were both laughing uncontrollably - chasing a teasing.
I am gonna miss these days.

I taught Joe how to make Biscuits and Gravy for brunch since
we were pretty lazy that morning!

And we made sure pretty kitties had food and water and shelter because they wouldn't come in!